Green Away Cairns’ garden bag or wheelie bin provides the green
solution for you and the environment.

If you’re looking for a garden bag or bin service, you have come
to the right place. Green Away Cairns provides a regular green
waste region-wide collection service, including Cairns, the northern
beaches, and as far as Gordonvale. This waste management service
aims to assist customers by offering simple solutions to garden
waste collection.

Getting a garden bag or bin is the best option for recycling your
garden waste, and an affordable way of keeping your yard tidy
without having to worry about trips to the dump



When you decide to use our garden bin service we will provide
you with a large heavy duty 240 litre plastic wheelie bin. There
are no set up costs for you to worry about. Your wheelie bin will
be picked up from your kerbside once a fortnight.



A large 600 litre bag complete with a rigid metal stand. There
are no set up costs for you to worry about and the bag stands
upright so it is easy for you to fill. On collection day we take away
the bag from your garden and leave you with a fresh empty bag.


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We are a small family run business and we look forward to providing you with the best and friendly on time garden bin and bag collection services.

We care about the environment. All the green waste we collect from our customers is recycled and reused to help grow healthy plants in our gardens. We look forward to looking after your garden!

0447 044 676

Please note text message is better for us


Do I have to prepay and always be in credit?

Wheelie bins are pre-paid in advance for 6 months of service.
Garden bags are payment after service.

Can I postpone, or skip, a scheduled collection?

Yes. No problem. Just let us know by email or text message before collection day.

Can I have an extra collection?

Yes. No problem. Just let us know what you want and we will either arrange an extra pick up or drop you off a spare bag

I am concerned about the environment. What happens to my green waste after collection?

All the green waste we collect is recycled and reused to help grow healthy plants and gardens.

How do I pay?

You can pay over the internet, make a deposit at the bank, or pay on collection day.

What if my bin or bag gets damaged?

Wheelie bins and garden bags remain the property of Green-Away Cairns. If your bin or bag is in good operable condition free of graffiti, stickers, damage etc. there will be no charge on return. If they are damaged beyond normal wear and tear a replacement cost will be incurred by the customer.